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Since the Foundation of the company in 1991 we provide trainings at various levels-open and closed trainings. All of our consultants were high school teachers and curriculum developers.

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All offered trainings are our author's development and can be adapted at the request of the client organization.

We offer trainings on the whole range of services. All trainings are workshops, during which participants develop solutions for their enterprises. It is also possible to develop corporate trainings specifically for the company.


  • quality center logoFundamentals of management systems. Principles and rules of development and implementation of cisme management (ISO 9001, IATF 16949, AS 9100, ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS), ISO 22000 (HACCP), ISO 14001, ISO 45000)
  • quality center logoIATF 16949. Automotive process approach
  • quality center logoAPQP. Long-term product quality planning and management plans
  • quality center logoAIAG-VDA FMEA. Analysis of potential consequences and causes of failures
  • quality center logoPRAR. Part approval process
  • quality center logoSPC. Statistical process management
  • quality center logoMSA. Analysis of measuring systems
  • quality center logoISO 9001: 2015. First and second party auditor
  • quality center logoIATF 16949:2016. First and second party auditor
  • quality center logoRules for achieving and maintaining IATF recognition
  • quality center logoAS 9100. First and second party auditor
  • quality center logoISO/TS 22163 (IRIS). First and second party auditor
  • quality center logoISO 22000 (HACCP), FSSC, IFS. First and second party auditor
  • quality center logoISO 14001. First and second party auditor
  • quality center logoISO 45000. First and second party auditor
  • quality center logoISO 19011: 2018-guidelines for audits
  • quality center logoISO 31000: 2018. Risk management and international standards.
  • quality center logoISO 9004: 2018. Guidelines for improving management systems
  • quality center logoThe system of economy of quality. Accounting and management of quality costs
  • quality center logoBSC as a strategic management system. Developing the organization's mission and policy
  • quality center logoBPR. Fundamentals of business process reengineering. Organization as a system
  • quality center logoFormalization, optimization and monitoring of processes. Axon notations and methodologies
  • quality center logoKPI. The business management system in terms of effectiveness and efficiency
  • quality center logoKPI and staff motivation
  • quality center logoOf Lean Management. Lean management
  • quality center logoVSM. Value stream map
  • quality center logoJust-In-Time and KANBAN. The stretching and balancing of production
  • quality center logoTRM. Universal equipment management
  • quality center logoSMED. Fast readjustment
  • quality center logo5S. Basic concepts of production culture
  • quality center logoStandardization and visualization in the workplace
  • quality center logoPDCA and A3. Improving product and process quality
  • quality center logoSixSigma. DMAIC cycle
  • quality center logoStrategic marketing
  • quality center logoMarketing research
  • quality center logoMarketing audit of the company
  • quality center logoDevelopment of effective marketing plan
  • quality center logoEffective participation in exhibitions
  • quality center logoPresentations
  • quality center logoCRM-customer relationship management"
  • quality center logoDevelopment of Internationalization plan

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