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Quality Centre

Quality Centre was founded in 1991 and it is the first Consulting and Training company in Ukraine.

Each year Quality Centre is the Gold Medal nominate of Leader of the branch by State Commette data.

The company’s Quality Center adheres to the international standard of management consulting ISO 20700: 2017. Our company director Olga Trofimova is an international certified SMS management consultant, vice president of the IMC-Ukraine management consultants association and CMC Global appraiser

Synergy of fundamental knowledge and practice experience of each team member help us to identify problems and find the optimal solution which lead THROUGH CONTINUAL LEARNING TO CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT!

quality center team

Kirill Trofymov

Founder Of Quality Centre

Kirill Borisovich Trofymov - Founder of Quality Centre, PhD, associate Professor of KhAI. Pioneer of Quality in Ukraine and the post-Soviet space. Co-founder of the Ukrainian Quality Association. Initiator and organizer of the first international conferences: held 11 international annual practical conferences "Quality and certification-a guarantee of success"; 9 International annual scientific conferences "Methodological foundations of quality training and quality of training". Developer and discoverer of specialty and educational programs in higher educational institutions "Quality, Standardization and Certification" (more than 1000 masters - graduates of specialty in KhAI). He has published more than 60 manuals and collections of articles. Initiator, founder and scientific editor of the all-Ukrainian journal "Certification, Standardization, Quality". He has published more than 140 articles in Ukrainian and international journals on quality management, statistical management and continuous improvement. Certified international Leading auditor of quality management systems ISO 9001 (BVQI). The founder of quality training. Trained and trained more than 2,000 internal auditors. He has trained and advised dozens of companies on quality management issues. About 40 audits of the aviation industry on behalf of the IAC in the period from 1998 to 2002, Among them ASTC "Antonov", SE "HAZ", BF "Kommunar", AT "Saturn" DP "Progress," DP "Motorsich" and so forth. Engineer-designer of aircraft. He participated in the development of the Yak-40 in the period 1964-1967 in Saratov. Champion of model sports. A member of the Ukrainian team in the international competitions in aircraft modeling sport.

quality center team

Olga Trofymova

Director of Quality Centre

Olga Trofymova - Director of Quality Centre, PhD, Associated Professor; Vice president of CMC - Ukraine and assessor of CMC-Global Institute. •Accredited trainer according to ISO 20700: 2017; Responsible executor for adaptation of DSTU ISO 20700 standard. •Accredited international Leading auditor of Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 (Intertek, Dekra); certified auditor of the 1st and 2nd parties of IATF 16949 (TUV SUD, DEKRA). •Partner and trainer WIFI (Austria); organizer, trainer and participant of training programs for automotive industry in Austria, Germany, Russia and Ukraine together with WIFI, ACVR, Magna Styer, Quality Austria, Moody International, TUV SUD, DEKRA. •Project Manager for development, implementation and training at enterprises of Ukraine, Croatia, Moldova, Kosovo, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan. •Leading consultant, trainer and coordinator of 15 international projects (World Bank, DFID, TACIS, TEMPUS, SWISSContact); certified participant of Management Training Program in Spain (Tacis); Dynamic Business Management Program in Holland and Nordpraktik in Sweden. Ernst Mach Grant in Austria.

quality center team

Pavlo Bilousov

Financial Director of Quality Centre

Pavlo Bilousov - Finance Director of Quality Center. Pavlo has 9 years of experience in the banking sector. He headed the Department of corporate VIP-clients service of Kharkiv GRU PrivatBank. In his area of responsibility were lending, cash and settlement, currency service of corporate VIP-clients of the Bank, the implementation of construction projects Has experience in lending through the EBRD (SME-program)in 2004-2007. participated in international consulting projects "Restructuring of Ukrainian enterprises" (ERF, TACIS), "private sector Development"(PSD, World Bank), "Improvement of logistics and marketing systems for SMEs in agriculture"(TACIS). He has experience in conducting commercial trainings and has Managed projects for the implementation of budgeting in enterprises. Leading consultant of projects on development, implementation and training at the enterprises of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan. Certified international auditor of quality management systems.

quality center team

Vladimir Sprenne

Senior consultant

Vladimir Sprenne – senior consultant in Quality Centre, engineer-metrologist. Experience in conducting trainings " analysis of measurement systems (MSA)" and " statistical process management (SPC)", implementation and implementation of MSA and SPC studies in the automotive industry. Experience of trainings "Total Productive Maintenance", "production culture and 5S", "Integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001". Software developer for analysis and calculations of MSA, SPS. 22 years of experience in scientific and practical (engineering) work in the field of metrological support and measuring equipment in higher educational institutions, design and research organizations of the Armed forces of Ukraine. 3 years of experience as a representative of the quality management of the metrological (calibration) laboratory. Author of 15 scientific articles, supervisor and executor of 42 research works in the field of metrological support of weapons and military equipment. Developer of normative documents (state and industry standards) and methodological documents (methods and guidelines. Leading consultant of projects on development, implementation and training at the enterprises of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan.

quality center team

Lyudmila Sprenne

Senior consultant

Lyudmila Sprenne – senior consultant in Quality Centre. Certified auditor of ISO 9001 quality management systems, ISO 45000 occupational safety and health management systems and ISO 22000 food safety management systems. Developed processes for managing product and process design and development, production and product monitoring, and documentation and records management at 15 enterprises. He has 20 years of experience in the design and development processes, as well as quality management. Participated in projects of design and development of products and processes in military organizations and enterprises of mechanical engineering. A qualified engineer-constructor. He has 10 years of experience in documentation and records management in project organizations. She managed the work on information support of organizations, as well as the analysis and systematization of information. She was a project Manager for preparing enterprises for certification.

Last news


Local projects

International projects

Participation in the creation and development of automotive cluster in Ukraine

6 IATF 16949 audits prepared and accompanied

Speech at the international conference "business Development and consulting -2019", Kiev, Ukraine


Quality Tours to Germany and Austria

Partner search services, support for entering export markets and opening a business in Austria

Participation in the world conference CMC-Global Conference 2019, the city of Nassau, Bahamas

Projects and trainings for LEAN implementation

6 IATF 16949 audits prepared and accompanied


Quality Tours to Germany

7 ISO/TS 16949 audits prepared and accompanied, 1 IATF 16949 prepared and accompanied

More than 20 trainings on the transition to the new version of the IATF 16949 standard were held


United Nations Development Program “Support to Confidence Building Measures” (Moldova)

The project “Rural Economic Sustainability Initiative” donated by Austrian Development Agency (Kosovo)

11 ISO/TS 16949 audits prepared and accompanied


7 ISO/TS 16949 audits prepared and accompanied


STORA ENSO Operational Exelence training program (WIFI partnership)

8 ISO/TS 16949 audits prepared and accompanied


TEMPUS IV Project “Innovation Laboratories: using an open innovation learning platform & action research in enterprise education in order to enhance the engagement & innovative capabilities of Universities in Post-Socialist Societies”

9 ISO/TS 16949 audits prepared and accompanied


EuropeAid project “Complementary measures to the sector policy support programme "Promoting mutual trade by removing technical barriers to trade between Ukraine and the European Union"

2 ISO/TS 16949 audits prepared and accompanied


EU FWC project Identification and Formulation of the Project/Programme "Small and Medium Enterprise Sector in Ukraine – Eliminating barriers for growth"

The Certificate of The state Department of intellectual property on registration of copyright of the center of quality No. 39718 on "Notation is received. Methodology of description of processes of management system of the organization"

Prepared and accompanied by 2 audits according to ISO/TS 16949


EU project “Capacity Building of Business Service Professionals and Business Support” (Croatia)

EU-TACIS project “Support to knowledge based and innovative enterprises and technology transfer to business in Ukraine”

Prepared and accompanied by 2 audits according to ISO/TS 16949


EU-TACIS project “Enhance Innovation Strategies, Policies and Regulation in Ukraine”

Audit and preparation of Ukrainian automotive companies for cooperation with Chrysler


SwissContact project “Banking Training Ukraine”

EU-TACIS project “Technical assistance to Ukrainian Quality Infrastructure” responsible for project activities “Strengthening Education in Ukrainian Quality Infrastructure” and “Increasing Awareness of Business Community”

Участие в форуме для поставщиков Chrysler (Грац, Австрия)

The first two companies - LLC "DOZ "Energoavtomatika" (NAC "ISTA") and JSC "HARP" - were brought to ISO/TS 16949 certification"


EU-TACIS project “Support to the Development of Business Capacity of Ukrainian SMEs – International Dimension” implemented by WYG

Training and implementation of business process management systems

Obtaining the status and accreditation of an international lead auditor in the Moody International system


Партнерство с WIFI-International. Organization of Quality Tours

EU-Tacis project “Ukraine: SME Support Services in Priority Regions” implemented by GFA

Ernst Macht Research Program (Austria)

Development of methodology and notation for formalization and implementation of business process systems


DFID project “Private sector development” for SME

TEMPUS (TACIS 2004 University Management) project “University-Industry Centers: Model for Cooperation”

Published more than 60 manuals and publications


Стажировка Трофимовой в Arbetsmiljoforum (Stockholm, Sweden)

EU-TACIS Project “Improvement of Logistic Services and Marketing Channels for SMEs in Agriculture” implemented by Scanagri

11 international annual practical conferences " Quality and certification-a guarantee of success»


Private Sector Development project funded by World Bank. KPMG – Ukrainian Centre for Enterprise Restructuring (PSD Loan)

Ernst Macht Research Program (Austria)

Opening of specialty and educational programs in higher educational institutions "Quality, Standardization and Certification" (more than 1000 masters - graduates of specialty in Khai)


Стажировка Трофимовой в European Rail Research Institute (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

EU-TACIS project “Enterprise Restructuring Facility” for SME implemented by Bearing Point

9 international annual scientific conferences "Methodological bases of teaching quality and quality of teaching" were held»

Protection of candidate's work on " methods of efficiency of consulting services"


Olga Trofymova’s internship inParc Tecnologic del Valles , DFC (Barcelona) Corporate Solutions (Madrid)

More than 30 certification audits of the aviation industry were conducted on behalf of IAC and Ukraviatrans. Among them ANTK "Antonov", DP "Khaz", DP "Kommunar", PO "Saturn", DP "Progress", DP "Motorsich" and etc


The Ukrainian quality Association and the Ukrainian quality Partnership were founded


Foundation of IHP "center for quality problems" on the basis of KhAI